Snow Days

If there are school closures this week here is what you can be getting on with! apart from snowball fights and snowmen of course!

Year 12 investigate pro and anti-school subcultures using the powerpoint on the education blog page (where the resources for interactionism and processes within schools is). Investigate one of the research studies and subcultures on the powerpoint and prepare a summary to share with the class. Your timed essay will be moved to Thursday.

Year 13 read both booklet on Marxism and inequality and Critical theories booklet which contains information on Weberian theory. Prepare a comparison between Marxism and Weberian theory which identifies some similarities and differences of the two.


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Star of the week and reminders

Well Done to Lizzie Payne and Gilda for improving their grades significantly in the PPE resit, revision clearly paid off so well done!

Year 12s complete your KOs on Ethnicity and education and share with me. Essay on Gender and Education is on Monday period 5 prepare a plan /draft. next topic is interactionism and education.

Year 13s complete KO on Marxism and inequality and next one is on Weber/Critical Theories. Timed essay on Marxism and inequality will be on Thursday 29th March





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Stars of the week and reminders

Well Done !!!

For great effort on year 13 PPEs Naomi Harris, Stephen Hough, Hannah Ward, Molly Stanners.

For showing outstanding effort redrafting PPE answers Grace Philpot and Liam Hall

Year 12 next topic in education is Ethnicity, I will upload guidance on KO soon. Complete your KO on gender and education and share it with me in the year 12 folder. There will be a timed essay on gender and education on Monday 19th march which we will plan in class.

Year 13 complete KOs on Functionalism and start new one on Marxism , guidance on the blog page.  Your next timed essay is Thursday 15th march evaluating Functionalist views on inequality.


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Star of the week and reminders

Hope you survived the beast from the east! Snow days gave me time to get Year13 PPEs marked a bit faster at least, top marks in the year for Matthew Lofthouse so a big well done! Also brilliant effort from lots of you, some very impressive essays!

Year12 complete KO on education and social class and location and start gender and education one. Guidance is on the page. Your timed essay on social class is Friday and resist of PPE is on Monday.

year 13 complete KO on defining inequality and poverty and start one of Functionalism. Marxism next and guidance is already on the blog page. There will be a timed essay on Functionalism next week.

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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Mollie Cronin for excellent effort on PPE.

Year 12 we are starting the next topic on education and social class and location.  There are two booklets but only one knowledge organiser to do. I have put guidance for KO on blog page already. There will be a timed essay on this topic next Friday period 5 ‘Outline and explain patterns in attainment by social class’ 15 marks

Instead of the Marxism essay on the assessment schedule you will be given an opportunity to have another PPE test on an unseen question. This will be on youth culture topics only , one 35 mark question and will be done in the period 5 lesson on 12th March.

Year 13  well done for getting through the PPEs. I will get marks to you as soon as I can. You can now be starting to complete the next KO which is on defining inequality and poverty. There are two booklets to read and I have put a link to guidance for this KO on the inequality blog page – download your own copy, complete and share with me.

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Year 12 example essays for PPE questions

Here are examples of A* student answers to the questions from the PPE. Identify AO1, AO2 and AO3 skills used and see where you can improve your own answers.

example essay meritocracy

example essay resistance and youth

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Star of the week

Well done to Molly Stanners for a great effort on Research Methods work and for a great research design handed in on time – well done Molly, keep up the good work!!

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PPE Advice

Year 13

You will get 2 papers one on Thursday of 2 hours and one on Friday of 1 hour

Paper 1 will be on Component 1 and 2. You will get one 15 mark question on Youth culture, one 35 mark question on Education and one 30 mark research design

Paper 2 will be on Component 3 and you will get one 40 mark question on crime and deviance.

Year 12

Your PPE will be on Monday 19th Period 5. You will get one 35 mark question on Youth Culture  and one 15 mark question defining a key term in Education so far.

General advice of how to approach revision

Each topic you revise you could follow this plan which would take approx 1 to 2 Hours 

Brainstorm a topic on A4 paper – see what you know already

Revise the topic using handouts from blog and textbook

Repeat the brainstorm to see what you have learnt during revision

Select a practice question from your revision guide on the topic area

Mark your question using the markschemes at the back of the revision guide

Create a flashcard with the main points from that topic including keywords, names of theorists and brief evaluation points to jog your memory.

Move on to next topic


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Star of the week and reminders

Watch out for reminders about how to revise for PPEs early next week

A big well done to Lili Moran for some amazingly insightful essays lately and for all round consistent effort.

Year 12 You should be completing your KO on the New Right (booklet 5) now and sharing it with me then starting the next one of Marxism and Education (guidance is already on the blog page). You are preparing and revising for timed essay on Friday on the contribution of the New Right 35 marks.

Year 13 You should be finishing the evaluating research methods big sheet including examples of research to share with me by the end of next week. You also have to hand in your completed research designs on single mothers question on Monday/Tuesday.

Revision for PPEs should be well under way. Remember to use your revision guides and practice questions as much as possible. There will be no after school revision next week but we should be able to do some revision in lesson time. The next KO on social inequality will be completed after PPEs


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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Leanne Pease for great job on Ethnicity and Crime essay and for stepping up your effort lately. Also a big thanks and well done to all those attending Thursday revision. All welcome!

Year 12s you should be finishing the KO on Meritocracy and Functionalism now and starting a new one on Education and the New Right. I have put guidance on the blog page for this.

Year 13s you are working on the evaluating research methods tables which should be completed by the end of next week including examples of research. Also you now have to write up your research designs on young single mothers by Thursday next week.


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