Component 3 Social Inequality

In this part of Component 3 you will have a handout and powerpoint as usual and only need notes on the handouts plus read relevant parts of your textbooks.

Knowledge organiser for this topic Synoptic overview of SY4

Mindmaps on various topics are here, please print  inequality mindmaps

Here is a useful document containing evidence of all the types of inequality and ways to remember them (if you are stuck finding your own) revision-guide-for-part-a-inequality

Defining Inequality and poverty

01 How do we define inequality

02 What are the dimensions of inequality



KO Guidance on booklets 1 and 2

Functionalism and Inequality

03 functionalist inequality

functionalism and inequality

KO guidance on Functionalism and Inequality

Marxism and Inequality

04 marxist inequality

marxism and inequality

Guidance on KO Marxism and Inequality

Weberian and other critical theories

05 critical theories

Critical Theories

Weberian sociology

Guidance on KO Weber and Inequality


Social Class and Inequality

08 Class inequality

social class and inequality

The Great British Class Survey

Guidance on KO Social class inequality

Gender and Inequality

06 Gender inequality



Guidance on KO Gender and Inequality

Ethnicity and Inequality

07 Ethnic inequality

Ethnicity and Inequality

Guidance on KO Ethnicity and Inequality

Poverty and Inequalityy

10 poverty and underclass

cultural and structural poverty

Age and Inequality

09 Age disability

age inequality

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