Component 3 Crime and Deviance

For this topic in Component 3 you will have a handout and a powerpoint each week. You need to do Cornell notes on the handouts only and bring the powerpoints to class, this will save note taking all the time.

Knowledge organiser for this topic Synoptic overview of SY3

Summer term research project on Crime and Deviance – Booklet

summer term crime and dev project

Crime statistics and Police and Criminal Justice System (two weeks’ worth)

Crime and Official Statistics handout 2014

Crime statistics are biased and unreliable


Crime control handout 2014

policing and CJS

Functionalism and crime resources

Functionalist handout 2014

func crime and dev

Subcultural theories of crime resources

Sub cultural handout 2014

sub-cultural crime

Realist criminology resources

Realist theories handout 2014


Theoretical Criminology   – undergraduate text

Examples essay on realist criminology

Marxism and crime resources

Marxist handout 2014

Social Class and Crime handout 2014


State, Corporate and Green crime resources

state. global and green crimes

Interactionism and Crime resources

Interactionist handout 2014

The mass media and crime handout 2014



Post Modernism and Crime resources

Postmodernist handout 2014

post modernism and crime

Gender and Crime resources

Feminist handout 2014


Ethnicity and crime resources

Ethnicity and crime handout 2014

Ethnicity and Crime – patterns and trends


The Asian Gang

Victimology resources

Victimology handout 2014



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