Component 2 Research Methods

Powerpoint for Year 1 Research Methods. research methods AS

In this topic your task will be to complete the table below with advantages and disadvantages of the various research methods

Evaluating research methods sheet completed

Research studies for comp 2

Here is a handout on triangulation and mixed methods to use in class 55-triangulation

Here is a summary of research studies and theorists on the Sociology of Education. This would be useful for identifying further examples for each of the research methods on your table.research-summaries-sy2

Year 1 & 2 Research Methods booklet. You will have these printed for you and they will include markschemes and past questions but some of the content can be found here Component 2 research methods booklet

Here is an example answer for a 20 mark question on research methods Quick plans comp 2


Powerpoint for Year 2 Research Methods A2 research 2016

The Research Process 

Research Design Template

examples of research designs

example of qualitative design

example of quantitative design





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