Component 1 Youth Cultures

For this topic in Component 1 you will have a handout and a powerpoint each week. You must do Cornell notes each week from the handouts and read relevant sections of your textbook as well.

Knowledge Organiser for this topic synoptic overview of Youth Culture SY1

Development of Youth Culture and Social Construction of Youth resources

Social construction of youth handout 2014


Youth Sub-cultures and Counter cultures resources

Spectacular Youth cultures and Counter cultures 2014


Functionalist and Neo-Marxist explanations of Youth Culture

Functionalist youth handout 2014

Marxist and youth handout 2014

Functionalist and Neo-Marxist views 2015

Gender and Youth and Ethnicity and Youth

Resources for two weeks’ worth of topics, please also print the essay on Gender and Youth as an example

Gender and youth handout 2014

Ethnicity and youth handout 2014


Ethnicity and youth sub-cultures



Post Modernism and Consumerism resources (two weeks’ worth)

Consumerism handout 2014

Post Modernism and Youth handout 2014


 consumption and global 2014


Youth Deviance and  risk resources

Youth and Crime handout 2014

Youth and Deviance

Youth and risk 2014

Youth and anti-school and pro-school sub-cultures

Youth andEducation handout 2014

anti-school subcultures


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