Summer work

Well done for making it this far and thanks for a great year in Sociology. So that you make an excellent start to year 13 Sociology could you complete the following tasks over the summer…

Anyone resitting their PPE on 4th September, the exam will be held at 9am unfortunately as this is the time for all resit PPEs. Revise the same topics you did for the June PPE again, that is Socialisation, Youth Culture and Sociology of Education.

Anyone who did not achieve their target grade in the PPE but passed you need to complete redrafts of the essays indicated on your feedback sheet.

Everyone should complete a written report of their research design following the booklet for advice (2 sides of A4 should be sufficient) and be prepared to tell the class about your design when we return in September.

Everyone also needs to complete the questions at the end of the handout ‘Crime and Deviance task sheet 1, Crime Statistics’ please give them to me on paper when we return.

Our new routine for September will be pre-reading handouts which will be on classroom and answering questions on paper to submit, knowledge organisers can be done as essay plans in class or at home but will not be assessed.  Timed essays will take place every two weeks or so. I will let you know about a textbook to buy in September.

Have a wonderful summer !!


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