Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Jordan Crewdson for a great job on Marxism essay, Well done !!

Year 12 you need to complete KO on cultural and material deprivation and write up essay plans ready for timed essays . Thursday 26th Apr – outline reasons why anti-school subcultures are formed (15). and week after next on ‘Outline and discuss factors outside of school which affect attainment ‘ (35 ).

Year 13 Complete KOs on gender and inequality prepare for timed essay ‘Identify two areas of life where there is inequality, for each area provide evidence of the inequality (20) (you are able to choose the inequality so it could be either class or gender as these are the ones we have covered so far). 13C timed with Mr Haggerty and 13B in class with LRA but not timed as you have had less time to prepare for this.

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