Star of the week and reminders

Happy Easter everyone !

Star of the week goes to Matthew Knight for consistently good effort throughout your time in Sociology, well done Matt and keep up the good work all of you for the final push!!

Year 12 Over Easter get your folders organised and complete any outstanding KOs. You should now be up to the one on labelling theory ‘Processes in Schools’.

Year 13 reminders and revision tips ….

13C you are completing the essay on Marxism and inequality over the hols plus finish KO on Critical Theories (Weber).

13B complete KOs on Critical Theories (Weber) and also new one on social class inequality.

Some of you have specific instructions on extra things to revise as well.

Year 13 here are the revision tips again!!! A good revision plan starting now will give you all an excellent chance of achieving your target grades so go for it!!

You can use folder dividers or PLCS on this blog for a list of topics to revise

5 Minutes -Choose a topic and scribble everything you can remember on A4 paper

1 Hour  – Revise the topic using the handout on the blog, identify key points (revision guides may help with this), make a mindmap using AO1,AO2 and AO3 points, practice a question or plan out an answer, create a revision card with the points in brief.

5 Minutes – without your notes repeat the scribbling exercise to see the fruits of your revision, Plus you now have a mindmap and revision card to recap over before exams.






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