PPE Advice

Year 13

You will get 2 papers one on Thursday of 2 hours and one on Friday of 1 hour

Paper 1 will be on Component 1 and 2. You will get one 15 mark question on Youth culture, one 35 mark question on Education and one 30 mark research design

Paper 2 will be on Component 3 and you will get one 40 mark question on crime and deviance.

Year 12

Your PPE will be on Monday 19th Period 5. You will get one 35 mark question on Youth Culture  and one 15 mark question defining a key term in Education so far.

General advice of how to approach revision

Each topic you revise you could follow this plan which would take approx 1 to 2 Hours 

Brainstorm a topic on A4 paper – see what you know already

Revise the topic using handouts from blog and textbook

Repeat the brainstorm to see what you have learnt during revision

Select a practice question from your revision guide on the topic area

Mark your question using the markschemes at the back of the revision guide

Create a flashcard with the main points from that topic including keywords, names of theorists and brief evaluation points to jog your memory.

Move on to next topic


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