Star of the week and reminders

Watch out for reminders about how to revise for PPEs early next week

A big well done to Lili Moran for some amazingly insightful essays lately and for all round consistent effort.

Year 12 You should be completing your KO on the New Right (booklet 5) now and sharing it with me then starting the next one of Marxism and Education (guidance is already on the blog page). You are preparing and revising for timed essay on Friday on the contribution of the New Right 35 marks.

Year 13 You should be finishing the evaluating research methods big sheet including examples of research to share with me by the end of next week. You also have to hand in your completed research designs on single mothers question on Monday/Tuesday.

Revision for PPEs should be well under way. Remember to use your revision guides and practice questions as much as possible. There will be no after school revision next week but we should be able to do some revision in lesson time. The next KO on social inequality will be completed after PPEs


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