Happy 2018 !!

Welcome to 2018!

Year 12 When we return on 8th Jan I will be checking folders again and hope to see everyone’s completed and printed knowledge organisers and handouts etc. You have a timed essay on youth deviance (Discuss the view that youth cultures are deviant 35 marks) on 12th Jan period 5. The next topic we are studying will be the Sociology of Education so when we return go to the appropriate page from the menu and print the first two booklets on the organisation and purpose of education. You will be doing one knowledge organiser for both of these booklets. There will be guidance in class.

Year 13 You have a timed essay the week after we return on Thursday 18th Jan (The police are institutionally racist – discuss 40 marks). The next topic we are studying is Research Methods – you will need the revision guide from last year let me know if you dont have one. Instead of Knowledge organisers you will be completing a revision table on the different methods and sampling techniques which you can find on the blog page.

Look forward to seeing you all on Monday!!

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