Happy Christmas, star of the week and reminders

I wish you all a very Happy Christmas

Stars of the week – Hannah Ward year 13 for going the extra mile on that crime and media essay, well done Hannah!! – Lizzie Payne – great job on Neotribes essay – well done!!  Also well done to Liam for winning the first essay competition of the year in Year 12.

Reminders of work for holidays

Year 12 Please get all your knowledge organisers and folders up to date over the holidays as well as prepare for a timed essay on youth deviance on 12th Jan. There is an outline plan for this essay on the Youth and Deviance powerpoint.

Year 13 As well as getting knowledge organisers up to date,you are going to be using the PLCs (now updated to chrome docs) on the blog page to identify your weakest areas for revision. Pick either all of Comp 2 research methods – if this is a weak area for you- or identify 4 topics (handouts) from last year to revise thoroughly over the hols.  Share your completed PLCs and skills sheets with me. We will also complete a timed essay on ethnicity and crime the week after we return (15th Jan).

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