Stars of the Week

A big thank you and well done to those that helped at Open Evening this week, Guinnea, Phoebe, Luke, Lizzie, Molly. Also well done to Liam for redrafting an essay to improve his grade.

Note – Even though I have moved to classroom for you to submit your KOs you still need to get resources from here as it will take me a while to switch them over as I’d prefer you to have access to the whole course resources in once place.

Year 12 Reminders – Many of you still have to complete KOs to complete for Identity and Class, Gender Identity and Ethnic Identity. Don’t overdo them, focus on describing how two agents of socialisation affect that identity e.g use family and education for class, family and media for gender, and family and religion for Ethnicity.  You may want to include Nationality (see textbook) on your ethnicity KO as well.  By 16th November please complete the KO on classroom for The Social Construction of Youth. Ask me if you didn’t get code

Year 13 Reminders – You should be completing your KO on Left and Right Realism to be submitted on classroom by 16th Nov. Ask me if didn’t get code





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