Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Bobo for great effort lately, Bobo was very well prepared for the functionalist essay today with a detailed plan and also has recently redrafted work to improve his grades, great work Bobo.


Year 12 you should use half term to complete all KOs on identity and class, gender identity and ethnic identity. Also revise for PPE on 10th Nov period 1 ( see previous post) using the revision guide I have given to you and your glossaries. You need to be able to explain the term, give further explanation using sociological terminology, give examples and apply perspectives or research if possible. Answers will be about half a page long.

Year 13 you should have complete KOs on Subcultural theory this week and be starting Realist theories.  Revision for PPE use revision guides from last year, textbook and notes. I will be interested in your ability to identify patterns and statistics in education related to class, gender and ethnicity and be able to use sociological theories to explain them. Also revise research methods.

Have a great half term

Mrs RA

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