Stars of the week,Reminders and work for Wed 3rd May

Well done to those of you in year 13 who completed revision essays on time, Amber, Megan, Harry M. Component 1 and 2 are worth more marks together than component 3 so it is essential you don’t underestimate the importance of last year’s material.

Year13 can you please complete the Feminism and inequality essay timed on Wednesday 50 mins. You are nearly done just booklets on ethnicity and poverty to go then a little bit on evidence of inequalities in age. Keep going with the notes it will help you learn the content.

LYear 12 can you complete the Gender and education essay on Wednesday timed 40 mins. You are finishing notes on ethnicity and education and starting notes on processes within schools which is the next booklet mostly about labelling theory.

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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Bobo for a great effort on the Meritocracy essay and continued contributions to class discussion. Keep up the good work Bobo!

Year 12 You are finishing notes on Gender and Education booklet and then starting notes on Ethnicity and Education. Your next essay on ‘Discuss the view that boys are the gender of failure in education’ (35 marks) will be timed on Wednesday 3rd May.  You will have a little test on researchers in education next Wednesday (look in education revision guide)

Year 13 You are finishing notes on Gender and Inequality and starting notes on Ethnicity and inequality. Remember to complete the revision essays for Tuesday 2nd May for 13D and Wednesday 3rd May for 13A. See previous blog post about these.

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13D revision essays

Over Easter I suggested you complete revision essays on the assessment schedule. I think there has been some confusion on where to find these. To find the updated assessment schedule that was posted in December look in Archives (right hand side of blog) click on December 2016 and continue reading the first post where you will find the assessment schedule. On there you will find 3 remaining revision essays on Component 1 and 2. Please complete these by Tuesday 2nd May.


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Cover work 31st March and reminders

Sorry I can’t be in today as I’m not feeling too good. Here are some instructions for today and holidays. If you have a class help yourself to chocolate buttons in my second draw !

12B can you complete your presentations on Critical Theories and share them with me so I can keep them/put them on the blog. 

Year 12 in general two tasks for over the Easter Hols

  • Find essays that were under target since September and repeat them using my feedback
  • Learn the researchers for Education using the research summaries document in your education revision guides, ready for a little test when we come back.

13D Complete an essay plan with AO1, AO2 and AO3 for the following question ‘Evaluate explanations of Social Class inequality’ (40) This is a broad question that can be answered using different perspectives, here is a rough outline:

Intro summarise briefly Functionalist, Marxist and Weberian views on inequality

Par 1 Functionalism – Explain functionality of inequality, meritocracy and role allocation (maybe underclass theory as well) – Evaluate

Par 2 Marxism – Explain traditional views on the exploitation of the proletariat leading to conflict. Maybe Reserve Army of Labour – Evaluate

Par 3 Neo-Marxism – Althusser /Gramsci and ideological control and/or Bourdieu and cultural, social capital – Evaluate.

Par 4 Weber Inequality through statuses e.g embourgeoisiement of white collar intelligentsia, market situation, dual labour market.

Conclusion discuss changes in classes e.g BBC new system include proletarianisation and deskilling and briefly summarise your argument with which explanation is best.

Year 13 in general

Please complete all the remaining revision essays on your assessment schedule over the hols this will be a good way to structure your revision as there is one for each component. Remember to use my revision guides for help with essays and past questions etc. The Easter holidays is a very important time for you to get stuck in to revision.

Have a good Easter everyone!

Mrs RAx




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Star of the week

Well Done to Harry Matheson who has improved essay grades recently and has been consistently trying to improve using feedback


Year 12 Remember you have to prepare for your timed essay ‘Assess the view that the education system is meritocratic’ (35) on Wednesday.  You should be completing notes on Social class and Location booklets and next we will be covering gender and education.

13A Complete notes on Social Class and inequality, bring in revision essay on youth culture and ethnicity on Tuesday for peer marking and complete research designs for me to hand in tuesday also

13D You have timed essay on Marxism and inequality on Tuesday and complete notes on Critical theories and inequality and start notes on Social Class and inequality this week.


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Star of the week and reminders

Well Done to Molly Kelly AKA (The burglar – inside psychology joke). Molly has improved rapidly in the subject and is writing some impressive essays.

Year 12 make sure all your notes are up to date and start making notes on Social Class and Education from the next booklet on the blog. Your next timed essay is on 29th March on ‘assess the view that the UK education system is meritocratic’ (35) so you need to prepare a plan and learn it for then.

13A I will be at the UCAS fair on Wednesday so continue with your notes on Critical theories, Weber, Postmodernism and Feminism and answer questions in the booklet. Please complete your write ups of research designs and hand in to me on Thursday. You will doing your timed essay on Marxism and inequality on Thursday 23rd with Mr Haggerty.

13D Complete notes on marxism and fill in your essay plan. Next you are completing notes on Critical theories, Weber, postmodernism and feminism this week . Your next timed essay will be Tuesday the 28th march period 3 on Marxism and inequality.

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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to the top achievers for the Year 12 PPEs Kieran Tidmarsh, Matthew Lofthouse and Ellie Powell and Jimelle Columna, great effort folks!

Year 12 you are starting Marxism and education next week. You will also be completing a timed essay on the New Right on Wednesday.

13a you are doing Weber ‘s theory on inequality with me and Evidence of social class inequality with Mr Haggerty.

13d you are doing Marxism and inequality next week and timed essay on Functionalism on Tuesday

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Star of the week and reminders

For obvious reasons I can’t make my own daughter Star of the week that often but…..Well done to Bex for the highest PPE mark. You may think she has a bit of an advantage but she puts all the effort in on her own, a good thing as home life is a bit hectic. She works very hard with the textbook and blog materials each week completing her notes and making an effort to understand all the material and it pays off. Well Done Bex from proud Mama!


Year 12 you are starting New Right and Education this week which is booklet 5 for your notes. If you are getting behind with notes talk to me I will continue to check folders this week. Please bring folders in to lessons with notes hand written or printed as well as booklets printed. This makes life much easier when the wifi is troublesome. Progress checks are this week so folder checks will contribute to effort grade

Your essay on Changes in Education is due on Wednesday.

13A You are finishing Marxism this week and starting to look at Weberian theory this is in the booklet called Critical Theories. Also hand in research designs on student loans !!!!!

13D You are starting Functionalism and Education this week







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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Amber Sampson for an excellent research design given in before half term. Great Effort Amber well done!

Year 12 reminders

You are revising for your PPE on research methods on Wednesday. After that focus on getting notes up to date for Education topic on booklets 1,2 and 3. We are starting Functionalism and Education on Monday which is booklet 4.

Year 13 reminders

13A I have not had your research designs handed in to me, hand in next lesson please.  You should be working on Functionalism and Inequality notes and an essay plan for Functionalism

13D You should have completed notes on booklets 1&2 on Social inequality and we are starting Functionalism and inequality next week.


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PPEs and reminders

Unfortunately I won’t be with you this Friday as I am moving house so thankfully have a day off. Not to worry cover work is here ….

Year 12 Make sure you have read and highlighted Education booklets 1 & 2. Start making a timeline of important changes in education using A3 sheets on my desk, link each change to one or more of the educational philosophies listed at the back of the booklet.

Year 13 catch up on notes  for social inequality booklets 1&2, sort folders, start revising.

Well done everyone for making through another half term! Have a good break but work hard as well!


Year 12 week  27th Feb

You will have a series of short answer questions on Component 2 research methods. Retread the textbook chapters topics 1-7, improve/ complete tables we have been working on in class and use the revision guide for key terms etc.

Year 13 Friday 24th Feb

For the PPE you will be asked a

15 mark question on youth culture

35 mark question on education

10 mark question on research methods

40 mark question on crimes and deviance

I have weighted this deliberately towards the longer essay questions so practice these mostly for revision. Use the revision guides for practice questions and essay plans. Harry K , you will get an additional question on crime instead of education

Mrs RA


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