Weekly reminders and star of the week


Congratulations to Phoebe who is working very hard taking on year 12 and 13 Sociology. Keep up the excellent work Phoebe.


Year 12 – remember to follow your assessment schedule for topics coming up. You should now be pre-reading the handout called ‘what is culture’ on the Socialisation and Culture page and then completing a knowledge organiser (template is on the page titled ‘knowledge organisers and PLCS.’ Drag your completed knowledge organiser into the shared folder on google drive called ‘Year 12 Docs’ please.

Year 13 – You should have completed and shared your KO on Crime Statistics and started work on the next one on Crime Control – next handout on Crime and Deviance page.



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Happy Holidays

Well done to all Sociology award winners – Ellie-Mae Powell, Guinnea Peralta, Harry Matheson and Brittany Braye

Thanks to all of you for all your hard work this year. Over the holidays can you ensure that your folders are complete with all year 12 work (use the blog to check you have notes for all the topics) and it would be great if you could watch the film Crash, rent it out, as it is very relevant to Sociology and crime and deviance. It is the one with Sandra Bullock, not other films called Crash which are on the internet. Trailer is below. Happy Hols !!

Year 13s See you on results day!!


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Student Voice – Click on the link to have your say



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Trip 5th July updated groups below !

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Year 12s, 5th July Trip to Dartmoor Prison and Custody Centre

Please can you all make payments on parentpay ASAP. We need to take a coach and currently I don’t have enough to pay for it!  Please do not wait until after your PPEs as this will be a few days before we go. Please remember to bring water and packed lunch on the day.

Groups for attending custody centre in the morning

Group 1 can either meet at school at 8.45am or outside Torquay Police Station at 9.10am. You will walk back to school after your visit and will get on the coach to go to Dartmoor at school at 11am

Eden, Joyz, Jimelle, Jordan, Joe, Stephen, Megan, Hannah, Kira, Leanne, Guinnea, Ellie P, Ellie W, Matthew K, Lili, Molly, Bobo.

Group 2 will be walking from school to the police station for 9.55am and will be picked up by the coach from there at around 11.15am James C, Naomi, Matthew L, Nwabisa, Roxzan, Nino, Kieran, Rachel, Luke, Lizzy, Leon, Tom, Jacob.

Please try to think of questions you would like to ask the detention officer at the custody centre and the Prison Officer at Dartmoor. And hope for good weather !!

Mrs RA


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Revision Tips

Year 13 my last blog message! Thanks you all so much for being amazing. Remember the ‘do something special’ message, it’s all in your hands now ! Not luck – revision!

I’ve posted below some key documents from the revision booklets just in case anyone has not got them. I’ll be available in my room after half term all day on Tuesday 6th June and every Tuesday after that as well as normal lesson times.

Component 1 and 2 revision tips

Component 3 revision tips

Social inequality revision booklet 2013-14

Social Inequality essay plans for 30 mark question

quick essay plans youth culture.

Essay plans for Sociology of Education

2016 crime essay plans

Mrs RAx

Year 12

For your PPEs you will be getting the following questions

Component 1

5 mark question outlining a term related to socialisation and Identity

15 mark question outlining on a youth culture topic

35 mark question discussing an Education topic

Component 2

5 mark question outlining research methods

20 mark question discussing research methods

Use your revision guides you will find them useful for past paper questions and how to answer them.

Have a good half term!





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Star of the week and reminders

Well Done to Harvey Arthur-Johnson in year 13 who has been putting in great effort lately and did a great job on the Feminism essay. Also Harvey has been giving great responses in class putting in that extra bit of enthusiasm.

Year 12 You are preparing for a timed essay on ‘Discuss how factors outside of school affect educational attainment’ (35) for Wednesday. Those of you who owe me essays on Anti-school subcultures they are due Monday.  Next week we are starting our new topic on Crime and Deviance

Year 13  REVISION !!!!!  I will be available after school everyday next week except Wednesday

13A you are completing a part a inequality question on any of the inequalities by Tuesday to hand in.

13D would be a good idea to complete a research design of your choice to give to me for feedback as a revision activity




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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Megan White for going the extra mile lately and a great job on the feminism essay keep it up Megan!

Year12 complete notes on the last two booklets, cultural and material deprivation. Complete essay on anti school subcultures for Friday 19th hand written.

Year 13 complete notes on the last booklet on poverty as an expression of inequality. 13a complete one part a question on an inequality of your choice to hand in Thursday18th.

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Stars of the week and reminders

Well done to all year 13s who are getting stuck into revision big time now. I will be available after school on Monday or Tuesday. A special mention to Harry, Amber and Saffy staying after school every night revising supporting each other and demonstrating a core value of compassion.

Year 12 you should be doing notes on booklet 12 processes within schools now and if you have not handed it in yet essays on gender and education are due Monday.

Year 13 start notes on booklet on underclass and poverty. The booklet on age inequality is optional for you to read, you may wish to use it for part a question on evidence of inequality. Feminism essays if not already done are due Monday.

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Stars of the week,Reminders and work for Wed 3rd May

Well done to those of you in year 13 who completed revision essays on time, Amber, Megan, Harry M. Component 1 and 2 are worth more marks together than component 3 so it is essential you don’t underestimate the importance of last year’s material.

Year13 can you please complete the Feminism and inequality essay timed on Wednesday 50 mins. You are nearly done just booklets on ethnicity and poverty to go then a little bit on evidence of inequalities in age. Keep going with the notes it will help you learn the content.

LYear 12 can you complete the Gender and education essay on Wednesday timed 40 mins. You are finishing notes on ethnicity and education and starting notes on processes within schools which is the next booklet mostly about labelling theory.

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