Summer work

Well done for making it this far and thanks for a great year in Sociology. So that you make an excellent start to year 13 Sociology could you complete the following tasks over the summer…

Anyone resitting their PPE on 4th September, the exam will be held at 9am unfortunately as this is the time for all resit PPEs. Revise the same topics you did for the June PPE again, that is Socialisation, Youth Culture and Sociology of Education.

Anyone who did not achieve their target grade in the PPE but passed you need to complete redrafts of the essays indicated on your feedback sheet.

Everyone should complete a written report of their research design following the booklet for advice (2 sides of A4 should be sufficient) and be prepared to tell the class about your design when we return in September.

Everyone also needs to complete the questions at the end of the handout ‘Crime and Deviance task sheet 1, Crime Statistics’ please give them to me on paper when we return.

Our new routine for September will be pre-reading handouts which will be on classroom and answering questions on paper to submit, knowledge organisers can be done as essay plans in class or at home but will not be assessed.  Timed essays will take place every two weeks or so. I will let you know about a textbook to buy in September.

Have a wonderful summer !!


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Year 12 PPE revision

Your PPE will consist of …

15 mark question on socialisation

15 mark question on youth culture

35 mark question on youth culture from a choice of two

35 mark question on Education from a choice of two

Revision tips

For the socialisation question focus on how behaviour is influenced by agents of socialisation through role modelling, imitation and sanctions.

Youth Culture topics

Pick a topic e.g Functionalist views on youth culture, brainstorm what you can remember about this topic on a plain piece of paper. Then go to the handout on the blog for that topic and fill in the gaps on your paper – aim to identify AO1 points, AO2 evidence and AO3 evaluation. When finished revising repeat the brainstorm without your notes. Next choose an exam style question from your revision booklet and attempt to answer a question.  Repeat this method for a new topic.







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Sociology student survey

Please click on the link below and complete the short survey.  Thanks !!


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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Per Moberg for your contributions to our Sociology class this year, it really has been a pleasure and we will miss you!!  Also thanks to Jamie for your enthusiasm and contributions to discussion!

Complete all knowledge organisers and research methods tables and share with me so I can see you have a complete folder for next year. Ask me if you are not sure if you have completed them all or not.

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Star of the week and reminders/revision times

Well Done to Nwabisa Mlenze who follows advice really well, reflects on her performance and redrafts and improves work consistently.  As a consequence achieved an A* for a sociology essay this week. Well Done.

Year 12 continue PPE revision as well as reading relevant parts of textbook on research methods and keeping up to date with completing the research method sheet on chrome.

Year 13 Revise, revise and keep passing me any additional essays to mark.

Times that I can do revision for year 13s are

Next week Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after school

Tuesday 5th June 9am-12.30pm component 1 revision

Wednesday 6th June 9am to 1pm component 2 and 3 revision

Tuesday 12 June 9am-1pm component 2 and 3 revision

Thursday 14th 1pm-3pm component 3 revision



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Star of the week and reminders

Well Done to Jordan Crewdson again!! for working on and improving research designs over the last week. Others who deserve recognition for increased effort lately are Bobo, Eden, Molly Stanners, Roxzan. Keep practising those essays and handing them in everyone! This is the very best way to revise.

Year 12

Make sure you are reading relevant sections of textbook on research methods and keeping up with completion of the table on evaluating research methods. Your last essay on outside factors affecting education is due on Friday next week

Year 13

Complete your last essay on social class inequality that we have written collaboratively on google drive and hand in to me Wednesday for 13B and Friday for 13C. Complete revision/flashcards for all four types of evidence including inequality in age. Revise, revise, revise !!





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Star of the Week and reminders

Well done to Megan Aherne, Paige Mason, Mollie Cronin, Sophie Oliver, Lizzie Payne- for super organised folders and always having them with you!! Well Done

Year 12. Finish knowledge organisers on education topics. You will doing your last essay at home next week after we have done a plan.  Additional reading for component two can be found in your textbook and from resources on the blog.

Year 13. Complete knowledge organiser on Ethnicity and Inequality. Anyone with outstanding essay should get these to me asap.  Remember there is revision Thursday after school and we will be doing revision in class very soon!!

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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Jordan Crewdson for a great job on Marxism essay, Well done !!

Year 12 you need to complete KO on cultural and material deprivation and write up essay plans ready for timed essays . Thursday 26th Apr – outline reasons why anti-school subcultures are formed (15). and week after next on ‘Outline and discuss factors outside of school which affect attainment ‘ (35 ).

Year 13 Complete KOs on gender and inequality prepare for timed essay ‘Identify two areas of life where there is inequality, for each area provide evidence of the inequality (20) (you are able to choose the inequality so it could be either class or gender as these are the ones we have covered so far). 13C timed with Mr Haggerty and 13B in class with LRA but not timed as you have had less time to prepare for this.

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Star of the week and reminders

Happy Easter everyone !

Star of the week goes to Matthew Knight for consistently good effort throughout your time in Sociology, well done Matt and keep up the good work all of you for the final push!!

Year 12 Over Easter get your folders organised and complete any outstanding KOs. You should now be up to the one on labelling theory ‘Processes in Schools’.

Year 13 reminders and revision tips ….

13C you are completing the essay on Marxism and inequality over the hols plus finish KO on Critical Theories (Weber).

13B complete KOs on Critical Theories (Weber) and also new one on social class inequality.

Some of you have specific instructions on extra things to revise as well.

Year 13 here are the revision tips again!!! A good revision plan starting now will give you all an excellent chance of achieving your target grades so go for it!!

You can use folder dividers or PLCS on this blog for a list of topics to revise

5 Minutes -Choose a topic and scribble everything you can remember on A4 paper

1 Hour  – Revise the topic using the handout on the blog, identify key points (revision guides may help with this), make a mindmap using AO1,AO2 and AO3 points, practice a question or plan out an answer, create a revision card with the points in brief.

5 Minutes – without your notes repeat the scribbling exercise to see the fruits of your revision, Plus you now have a mindmap and revision card to recap over before exams.






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Star of the week and reminders/cover work

Well done Stephen Hough for consistent effort on Knowledge Organisers. These will be important for revision so keep it up!

Year 13 Please book appointments for parents evening you should all be now working on Knowledge organisers on Critical Theories/Weberian theory. I will be out on the Psychology trip on Tuesday, so 13B can you complete the essay on evaluating Marxist theories of inequality (40). Any time left over complete knowledge organisers and share them with me. 13C you are completing the Marxism essay over the holidays.

Year 12 you should have completed and shared with me the KO on Ethnicity and Education and now be starting one on Interactionism and labelling (processes within schools) I will post a link to KO guidance very soon. Anyone who was not in for the timed essay on gender and education needs to get this completed for Monday.



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