Stars of the week and reminders

Well done to following people for a great effort on PPEs

Lili Moran, Naomi Harris, Kira Marlin, Ellie Powell, Bobo Letlalo,

Mollie Cronin, Elise Lima, Lydia Cullen. Sophie Oliver, Grace Philpot

Reminders Year 12 Folder checks on Monday please bring in your folders. Complete KOs on Social construction of youth and put on classroom. From now on submit KOs either to shared year 12 folder on drive or on A3 paper – copies in my room. next one due by 24th is Functionalism and Youth.

Reminders Year 13 Submit Realism KOs which are now late on classroom. From now on submit either into shared folder on drive or on A3 paper -copies in my room. next one due by 24th is on Marxism and Crime.



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Stars of the week, reminders and student voice

Well Done and thank you to all those who were able to come to Exeter for the research seminar. It was a fun day with some interesting discussion.

Please give your views on Sociology at

Reminders for Year 12 . This week you need to have completed your presentation on youth sub-culture by Friday and be ready to present it.  Also complete 15 mark essay on the ‘Outline factors that led to the development of youth sub-cultures’ to hand in to me on Friday. Also Knowledge organisers on ‘the social construction of youth’ handout by Friday uploaded to classroom.

Reminders for Year 13. KOs on Realism due this week on classroom and start KOs on Marxism. Timed essay on Realism Wednesday for 13B and 13C. Prepare a draft of the essay beforehand but you will have to do it timed without plans this time.

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Stars of the Week

A big thank you and well done to those that helped at Open Evening this week, Guinnea, Phoebe, Luke, Lizzie, Molly. Also well done to Liam for redrafting an essay to improve his grade.

Note – Even though I have moved to classroom for you to submit your KOs you still need to get resources from here as it will take me a while to switch them over as I’d prefer you to have access to the whole course resources in once place.

Year 12 Reminders – Many of you still have to complete KOs to complete for Identity and Class, Gender Identity and Ethnic Identity. Don’t overdo them, focus on describing how two agents of socialisation affect that identity e.g use family and education for class, family and media for gender, and family and religion for Ethnicity.  You may want to include Nationality (see textbook) on your ethnicity KO as well.  By 16th November please complete the KO on classroom for The Social Construction of Youth. Ask me if you didn’t get code

Year 13 Reminders – You should be completing your KO on Left and Right Realism to be submitted on classroom by 16th Nov. Ask me if didn’t get code





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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Bobo for great effort lately, Bobo was very well prepared for the functionalist essay today with a detailed plan and also has recently redrafted work to improve his grades, great work Bobo.


Year 12 you should use half term to complete all KOs on identity and class, gender identity and ethnic identity. Also revise for PPE on 10th Nov period 1 ( see previous post) using the revision guide I have given to you and your glossaries. You need to be able to explain the term, give further explanation using sociological terminology, give examples and apply perspectives or research if possible. Answers will be about half a page long.

Year 13 you should have complete KOs on Subcultural theory this week and be starting Realist theories.  Revision for PPE use revision guides from last year, textbook and notes. I will be interested in your ability to identify patterns and statistics in education related to class, gender and ethnicity and be able to use sociological theories to explain them. Also revise research methods.

Have a great half term

Mrs RA

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Star of the week and reminders

Well done to Lizzie Payne for a stupendous effort on knowledge organisers, keep it up !


Year12 complete knowledge organisers on Identity and class and start new one on Gender identity

PPE week 7th Nov – you will get a 5, 5 mark questions defining terms you have learned so far

Year13 complete Subcultural theories knowledge organisers and start Realism ones

PPE week 7th Nov – to focus your revision you will be examined with a 15 mark question on education on patterns in attainment in either gender, ethnicity or social class, and a 20 mark question on research methods.



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Star of the Week and reminders

Well done to Sophie Oliver for a great essay on Values and also for being super organised with the knowledge organisers , keep up the excellent work Sophie.


Year 12 – You should have completed your knowledge organisers on ‘what is culture’ and ‘Socialisation and Social control’ handouts and be starting the next one on Identity and Social Class  , please share with me by putting it into the year 12 docs folder.

Year 13 – You should be completing knowledge organisers on Functionalism and crime and starting one on subcultural theories.  The essay on Functionalism and crime will be done after we have finished subcultural theories.



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Star of the week and reminders

Well Done to Naomi Harris for a great essay on Crime Statistics this week and the demonstration of increased effort. Well Done Naomi keep up the good work.


Year 12 – You should have completed a Knowledge Organiser template for ‘What is Culture?’ now and be starting the one for the handout on Socialisation and Social Control.  Please share these with me on googe drive in the Year 12 docs folder

year 13 – You should have completed your Knowledge Organiser on Crime Control by now and be starting the one on Functionalism or even moving on to Sub-cultural theories.  Share these with me when completed. Make sure you are adding current stories/research/statistics onto pg 3 of the organiser these are vital to use in your essays.


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Weekly reminders and star of the week


Congratulations to Phoebe who is working very hard taking on year 12 and 13 Sociology. Keep up the excellent work Phoebe.


Year 12 – remember to follow your assessment schedule for topics coming up. You should now be pre-reading the handout called ‘what is culture’ on the Socialisation and Culture page and then completing a knowledge organiser (template is on the page titled ‘knowledge organisers and PLCS.’ Drag your completed knowledge organiser into the shared folder on google drive called ‘Year 12 Docs’ please.

Year 13 – You should have completed and shared your KO on Crime Statistics and started work on the next one on Crime Control – next handout on Crime and Deviance page.



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Happy Holidays

Well done to all Sociology award winners – Ellie-Mae Powell, Guinnea Peralta, Harry Matheson and Brittany Braye

Thanks to all of you for all your hard work this year. Over the holidays can you ensure that your folders are complete with all year 12 work (use the blog to check you have notes for all the topics) and it would be great if you could watch the film Crash, rent it out, as it is very relevant to Sociology and crime and deviance. It is the one with Sandra Bullock, not other films called Crash which are on the internet. Trailer is below. Happy Hols !!

Year 13s See you on results day!!


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Student Voice – Click on the link to have your say


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